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Al Patron - No Tomorrow

Jan 28, 2013

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Why do we like this?
This beat tape Shortcuts is another obsession of ours from the HW&W crew -- made of quick beats that bump, it's a compilation of feel good  (as the artist put it).

We're really digging Al Patron's old school style, beats that aren't pigeonholed as remix-y or electronica-esque. Great to bust out while driving. Another favorite to check out is "Tell Me," where  the Janet sample exudes an upbeat vibe akin to the material Sweater Beats puts out.

Shortcuts didn't get the attention it deserved from us back when it dropped in November. Since then, Al Patron has released a full length titled Flight Delayed. Both are available for $name-your-price on HW&W's Bandcamp. Enjoy.
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