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Alex Metric - Rave Weapon (Amtrac Remix)

Jan 17, 2013

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Why do we like this?
Amtrac is at it again. He's brought an energy similar to "Those Days" in that it's got that same progressively epic build.

Pushing and pulling at all the right moments, this remix of "Rave Weapon" is a bright anthemic jam as suitable for the dance floor as it probably would be for the best workout of your life.

But more than creating a remix musically synonymous to treadmills and faux caffeinated sensations, Amtrac demonstrates an excellent sense of timing and never shies from all those tricky dynamics.  Not that every EDM track has to have massive builds and dips, but at least Amtrac has got it down to a science. And anyway, if you call a track "Rave Weapon," you better be able to back that ish up.

Also, it's free for download. Enjoy.

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