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αtμ - What You Like

Dec 10, 2012

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Why do we like this?
This track is so fucking good; it's the definition of addictive. I think I've driven my roommates crazy by playing it over and over again on Friday and Saturday nights. Don't know what else to say -- I just can't get enough. A short but sweet "post R&B" mix.

αtμ is one of my favorite producers right now. Tons of quality stuff on his SoundCloud and Tumblr. It's no surprise this is one of my favorite sounds, since I ran across that amazing siik Mariah Carey x Bahwee edit. The bass here is so deep that it dropped my poor little jawbone off the table. No joke. It's more than worth your one minute and 30 seconds.

I know what you should like - and it's αtμ. Check out his Facebook page and SoundCloud for more details. You can learn more about him on our review of his track, "soulchild." Keep up the great work, αtμ. I can't wait for the next EP.
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