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Azari & III - Into the Night (Nicolas Jaar Remix)

Feb 06, 2012

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Toronto house mavens, Azari & III, have been appearing out of the woodwork as of late with their current releases, "Reckless (With Your Love)" and "Hungry For the Power" and their more recent tour announcement with Madonna. The period piece 80s vibe that this group exudes is extravagant and fashionably outlandish, but it's a refreshing sensation in the dance music world.

This remix of Azari & III's "Into the Night" strips down the glammed-out club grooves and funk of the original song and creates an airy darkness that is effortless and audibly pleasant. Jaar expands the track to epic proportions and builds up and breaks down the songs elements a few times but succeeds in never letting it stagger for too long. Although the track was released in late 2010, it still is relevant in what Jaar and Azari & III are currently producing to date; fluid, ass-shaking goodness.

Watch the video for the original "Into the Night" below and enjoy the sexy vibrations.
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