What's so good?
By Philip Friedman | Feb 10, 2013

Sometimes it can be incredibly difficult to tag a specific genre for a band. Nowadays, most music is a hodgepodge of various influences carrying over several decades, making it hard to pinpoint one specific genre.  Unless you're the Los Angeles band Ballerina Black and can sum it up with two words: gloom pop.

Now what exactly is gloom pop? The lead singer of Ballerina Black might not be able to give you a straight answer.  According to their band bio off their homepage: "Singer-songwriter Moynahan seems to be incapable of answering band and music related inquiries without delivering a hyper-metaphoric, stream of conscious response... that's ironically focused and congruent. "

Regardless of musical genre, Ballerina Black's newest single, "Birth of a Felony,"  is a nod to past indie greats like Interpol and Bloc Party. It's filled with driving electric guitar with a hint of 80s new wave in the background.  The song really shines during the chorus, where Monayahan finds his inner Robert Smith.  His vocals are filled with just enough angst (mixed with a little desperation and some falsetto) as the band continues to drive it home behind him.

So what is gloom pop?  The answer is Ballerina Black.  Go check out their newest EP entitled BlÃ¥, set to be released this Valentine's Day, as the second part of their Injureless series, and get a name your own price download of "Birth of a Felony" right here.
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