What's so good?
By Bri Guy | Dec 13, 2012

Balue is the solo project of Eli Thomas, who's based in Denver, Colo. and records everything in his bedroom/studio. His music is a lovely blend of indie pop and surf rock that brings you to that summer state of mind. Balue lands somewhere between Twin Cabins and Beach Fossils, which, in my opinion, is really great place to be.

"West Coast Bros" is my jam right now. Balue's drifting vocals combine with bouncy interplay of guitar, bass, drum machine, and keyboard. This song is about missing summer, and who wouldn't in middle of December? "West Coast Bros" is Balue's last song of 2012, a year in which he also released an EP, Worry Toobs, and full length, Paradoxical Intention. Balue's music, including "West Coast Bros," is available for free download on his Bandcamp.
Bri Guy
Author: Bri Guy
I live in South Florida where I attend concerts and support local artist.