What's so good?
By Sophie Wright | Feb 28, 2013

Settling. are two young lads from Brisbane, Australia who make experimental, acoustic music from the comfort of their bedrooms.

What started as a solo project for 19-year-old Tim Swanston turned into a duo following the explosive response that this Beyonce cover, created with friend Kurtis Tupangaia, has received since its upload on SoundCloud two days ago. The combination of Tupangaia's haunting vocals with the brooding, acoustic guitar work by Swanston make the cover nearly unrecognizable from its original form.

Nearly 1000 listens and 50 downloads in less than 48 hours is an amazing feat for such a small, unsigned act, especially for what was nothing more than a late-night home project. By the time this review is posted, I'm guessing those numbers probably will have doubled. Not exactly what you'd expect from a pair of university students studying Economics and Town Planning, hey?

Settling. are currently working on their first EP, due to be released some time in June. After Tim hopefully passes his accounting exam, that is.
Sophie Wright