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Bibio - À Tout À L’heure

Mar 05, 2013

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Why do we like this?

This is how I prefer to start my day: some Philz coffee and a brand spanking new track from Bibio called "À Tout À L’heure."  At the moment, I am not sure which is energizing my body more. Perhaps the combination of the two?

There is something happy, uplifting, and totally carefree about Bibio's new track that reminds me why I started listening to his music years ago.

For me, it all started with "Lover's Carvings," but today it continues from his forthcoming album Silver Wllkinson that will be soon released via Warp Records.  As the title of the track "À Tout À L’heure" translates "See you soon," I can't wait to see this new album.

You can grab a download here in exchange for your email address.

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