What's so good?
By David Peter Simon | Jan 07, 2013

This one's been on my back burner for a bit, always mulling around, sort of like a vinyl which never seems to end. It's very mellow, and with a name like Soul Feelings, you can bet it's funky and jazzy. Do you dig? We do.

Soul Feelings is a beat tape that implements jazz and funky tracks designed to make you feel emotions. There's no surprise, then, that the track names range from "Confusion" to "Joy." It's like a groovy soundtrack to your life story. You should listen to the full album on Bandcamp. My personal track favorites include "Anxiety," "Passion" and "Nostalgia" --  a weird little concoction of emotions. It sounds good together, though.

This beat tape is from underground French producer Big Ben. He has a large vintage vinyl collection, where he finds a majority of these interesting samples. You should follow him on SoundCloud to see what he'll put out next. He's also got another soulful beat tape called, well, Soul Beat Tape. It's -- surprise surprise -- soulful.