What's so good?
By Bronte Martin | Feb 27, 2013

Part of the compilation titled DA MOVELT BUCKET, KAYTRANADA (a Montreal-based gem) drops his take on Big Dope P's "Southside Anthem." Among other up-and-comers, including Tagteam Terror, Pvre Gold and Ezekiel, KAYTRANADA shines within the Moveltraxx compilation of a melting pot of house, trap and tropical bass music.

KAYTRANADA has been dominating the Montreal night life scene now for quite some time, having performed at Igloofest (among others). His newest offering is an EP titled Kaytra Todo, which came out on February 25, 2013, and is accumulating heavyweight recognition.

This is only the beginning. KAYTRANADA is able to produce "neck breaking beats" and "hippy hop stuff that'll make you dance," so we don't blame you for getting a little out of control when listening to this one.
Brontë Martin
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