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Blackbird Blackbird - Tear

Oct 07, 2012

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Blackbird Blackbird is back with the release of their Boracay Planet EP. Mikey Maramag is the man behind this project, and ever since he bum rushed the music scene, he's been undeniably unstoppable.

With every piece of music that Maramag releases, it's a constant acceleration towards a new level of artistic expression. He specializes in electronically textured styles, deeply drenched in synths and reverb -- but not without an electric guitar and definitive bass. Boracay Planet is nothing short of that. It's melodic, anthemic, soothing, and oh-so-catchy. Blackbird Blackbird's pop sensibility is very apparent and very tasteful.

Borocay Planet drops on October 16. You only have to be patient for a little while longer until you can fully enjoy the luscious sounds of this talented man.
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