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Blonde Redhead - Dr. Strangeluv

Jul 29, 2012

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Why do we like this?
Blonde Redhead have published about eight albums by this point. My favorites are definitely Melody of Certain Damaged Lemons (2000) and 23 (2007) -- both albums that captured my attention far more than 2010's Penny Sparkle.

Whichever way you look at it, it's certainly an impressive discography for a band with only three members. Fronted by Kazu Makino, twins Amedeo and Simone Pace cover drums and guitar.

Enough of the cash course... Let's get down to the track "Top Ranking." Off 23, the song definitely embodies the melancholic and dreamy sound that the band has become quite popular for. Certainly for me, it stands out as one of the more well-constructed.
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