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Brothertiger - Reach It All (Digits Remix)

Jan 02, 2013

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Sounds like: Teen Daze, M83, Passion Pit
Why do we like this?
John Jago is the one man electronic band behind Brothertiger. His original version of "Reach It All" displays his chillwave roots and pop sensibility. But with Digit's version, the track comes to the dance floor; a hybrid of animalistic beats and human emotion, filling out the true intent of Jago's musical namesake.

As the intro pulses, I'm quickly reminded of Robyn's "Dancing On My Own." Although the resemblance fades thereafter it's an obvious foreshadowing of an 80s influenced pop number requiring a house party and some quality speakers.

If you appreciate this easy electro synth with a human touch, check out Digit's new single, "Love Is Only Affection." And visit Mush Records before the new year for a free download of "Reach It All," as well as the label's SoundCloud for some disco house and shuffling indie electro remixes via Germany Germany and RLMDL.
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