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Card On Spokes - Goldshine

Dec 13, 2013

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Fresh out of South Africa, this gleaming track off of the new Card On Spokes Lead Me To The Water EP displays Card On Spokes main man Shane Cooper's immense attention to detail, as well as a supreme understanding and control over the music he crafts. The brainchild behind the project, he has had noticeable previous releases such as his In You Go EP, "Disguises" single, and the collaborative Strawberries EP.

Remarkable as his electronic releases are, Card On Spokes is only one-half of Shane Cooper's impressive musical catalogue. Shane was awarded the 2013 Standard Bank Young Artist of the Year for Jazz and was selected as one of the Mail & Guardian's 200 Young South Africans for 2013. The depth of his musical talent is immediately recognizable in all of his releases, making him one of the most exciting prospects in the South African electronic music scene.

Intricate melodies, Flylo-esque breaks, and mood shifts -- matched with a vast portrait of live and electronic instruments -- makes "Goldshine" a masterpiece. More exciting yet, Card On Spokes recently jammed all his best tracks with a live performance at his EP launch, hopefully signaling an emergence of his electronic alias. This hugely impressive spectacle is only to be followed by Shane staring in a jazz performance a week later, further showing off his undeniable dexterity and flexibility.

Download his Lead Me To The Water EP for free on the Card On Spokes SoundCloud.
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