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Chanes - Seasnd

Jul 20, 2013

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Why do we like this?
It's almost trite to say Detroit is a lynchpin for modern music, but it doesn't make it any less true. Chanes is very much from Detroit (though he now resides in Arizona). The young beatmaker has made a name for himself in the Motor City for being something of a chameleon. From gangster shit to experimental hip-hop, Chanes can adapt to many environments, and rappers of all sorts have gone to him for the canvas to paint their pictures on.

He released an instrumental cassette tape curated by DJ House Shoes last year that promptly sold out. His newest work, backwds, is an instrumental collection that follows his Renegade Hands cassette but is a bit more specific. Focusing on the emotional side of his music, most of the work on backwds adds a chilled, introspective edge while keeping the bang undiluted.

My favorite track on the project is "Seasnd," a track that begins with a bittersweet synth composition with some Detroit commentary laid over before bursting into a furious percussive explosion.
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