What's so good?
By Rachel Skotarczyk | Nov 25, 2012

Since the grand slam of a movie Drive created its own genre of sound, I've been plenty guilty of saying, "This totally sounds like it should have been in Drive."

But in this case, it's hardly a coincidence, since Chromatics were on the Drive soundtrack. However, their contribution, "Tick Of The Clock" didn't quite nail that definitive vibe. College, Desire, and Kavinsky took that prize, am I wrong?

Anyway, I'm rambling to point out that their contribution to the triple album compilation, After Dark 2, "Cherry" SO sounds like it should have been in Drive!

And yes, I am aware Chromatics were Drive before Drive came out, but we all have our preferable associations. Speaking of which, doesn't the title "Cherry" instantly remind you of Air's "Cherry Blossom Girl"? Me too! Ok cool, we're on the same page.

What's that you say? Most prolific review ever? I know. I know. You can thank me later.
Rachel Skotarczyk
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