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CLOUDEATER - Hardly Wait (Deku Remix)

Dec 03, 2012

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Why do we like this?
Big ups to Cloudeater drummer and all-around cool guy Chris Hunt. He emailed me recently with a handful of the band's unreleased remixes. Two tracks in particular that caught my attention "” a remix of Cloudeater and Wale's collaboration "Faces," which I plan to post sometime soon, and this "Hardly Wait" rework from Atlanta-based producer Deku.

According to his SoundCloud bio:

Brett Leggitt or 'Deku' is an Atlanta producer who makes loop-based experimental electronic music. Being very fickle and constantly infatuated with some new sound, instrument, or technique results in the producer covering a wide palette of styles and genres.

I find Deku's rework heady and intense. He's put a fresh face on "Hardly Wait" while respecting the song's original vibe. Take a few minutes to check out some of his other beats if you get a chance.

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