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CLOUDEATER & Wale - Faces

Jun 14, 2012

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Sounds like: J. Cole, Radiohead
Why do we like this?
Hip-hop and electronic music have been rolling around in the sheets together for some time, but still something about this CLOUDEATER and Wale collaboration feels different in a very good way. Wale isn't lying when he introduces the track with, "The goal is never to be content with the present. We move fast, we think forward."

Fast indeed. Good luck keeping up with Mr. No Day's Off's crazy-quick flow on this one. Combined with the progressive styling of CLOUDEATER's indie electronic production and Sam Dew's eerie chorus work, "Faces" emerges from the saturated depths as a wake up call to fellow emcees and producers out there that the spoils of musical war go to those who be "modifying the genre."
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