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Coldplay - Midnight (Giorgio Moroder Remix)

Apr 21, 2014

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Sounds like: Paul Oakenfold, DJ Tiesto
Why do we like this?

So, by this point, I'm pretty sure we're all aware that Coldplay has a brand new album coming out.  You've probably even listened to one or more of 500+ remixes of "Midnight" that pops up on SoundCloud, but I can guarantee you haven't heard Giorgio Moroder's take on the already infamous track.

Taking eight minutes and 39 seconds to get his point across (and using every second perfectly), Moroder has taken "Midnight" and turned it into a deep house track of epic proportions. Featuring vocoder, synths galore, and what sounds like a choir, each section of the track takes "Midnight" to a new level

If you're a Coldplay fan, hopefully this holds you over until May 19.  If you're not, I still think you're going to enjoy this track.  You can download it here on Coldplay's iTunes page.


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