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Cosmic Kids - Freight to My Soul

Sep 30, 2012

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Why do we like this?
Holy original mix, Batman! The dastardly duo that is  Cosmic Kids just dropped off a fresh track via SoundCloud, and it's beautiful. We haven't featured the L.A.-based producers since February, when they remixed Kindness' "Gee Up." Cosmic Kids don't seem to release original tracks all that often. This observation makes "Freight to My Soul" all the more enjoyable.

The words that keep coming to mind are ambient and chill. Cosmic Kids handle the production of "Freight to My Soul" quite gracefully. It's got this hypnotic pitter-patter, delicate vocal loops, and heart-warming synths. Plus, I know who currently has my nomination for intro/outro of the year.

Part of me wants to dance. The other part wants to go lay down for a few minutes.

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