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Cults x Freddie Gibbs - Bad Things Remix

Nov 19, 2011

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Why do we like this?
Earlier this year, Brooklyn-based Cults announced that they were going to be releasing another indie pop production while throwing a little hood into the mix. In an interview with Spinner, the duo disclosed that they are going to release a hip-hop remix of their self-titled debut.

Cults first release from the album is a remixed version of "Bad Things" featuring Indiana rapper Freddie Gibbs, and all cynicism aside, this track is pretty hot. The whole idea of an indie crossover album sounds a little odd to begin with, but sometimes it just works. Seriously though, who doesn't take pleasure in the harsh fusion between the heavy blow of hip hop and indie experimentalism? Take Wait What's remix of Notorious B.I.G. and The xx for example, pure solid gold!

Even if hip hop isn't your thing, give "Bad Things" a listen. You'll notice some subtle differences in Madeline Follin's vocal arrangements to suit Gibbs' flow, but the result is a seamless tour de force of a track that will most likely be buzzing through the music blogosphere for weeks to come.
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