What's so good?
By hmcclure | Jan 21, 2013

D.D Dumbo is the project of Oliver Hugh Perry, who makes music at his home in Castlemaine "“ a small rural town a couple of hours from Melbourne. After playing in a post-punk band called Smurfinger a few years back, he's been concentrating on recording his debut album (which should arrive later this year).

His 2012 EP contains six tracks of what has been described as "experimental folk fusion," or "technicolour lo-fi." Basically, don't bother trying to tag his music. "Tropical Oceans" "“ one of the more bluesy offerings "“ is wonderfully raw, with Perry's cavernous vocals towering over a platform of grimy guitar.

The "sounds like" process of my reviews is often the hardest section, and D.D. Dumbo has been one of the most difficult to date. While I have picked a few incredible acts to compare him too, he really only touches on small elements of their music. You can check out the EP in its entirety on Bandcamp.
Hugh McClure
Author: Hugh McClure
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