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Daedalus - Curtains Don't Talk

Apr 05, 2012

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Why do we like this?

Daedalus was my first favorite electronic artist. His was the first vinyl I bought, Rethinking The Weather. He was the first DJ/producer I ever sought to see, numerous times. I even shook his hand when I saw him open for Jamie Lidell at the MOCA and silently exploded in appreciation for his taste of dress -- white sneakers, brown slacks and a blue velvet tailcoat -- disheveled, with a touch of a mad scientist.

But Daedalus IS a mad scientist with his beats, and his circuit bending, and his motivations behind exactly what he does -- he's really a genius. So it is with nostalgic sentiments I share his latest, an exclusive for Mixmag entitled, "Curtains Don't Talk." It's like listening experience in subtraction. MATHEMATICAL!

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