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Dark Dark Dark - How It Went Down

Aug 23, 2012

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Why do we like this?
There are days when I forget what music blogging is all about: crazy piles of cash and hooker parties, sure, but also that beautiful moment when I discover a new song, band or style that just hits the spot. So, big up to PIMB for turning me on to Dark Dark Dark, a Minneapolis-based folk sextet who has entranced me with the somber "How It Went Down."

I am feeling Nona Marie Invie's voice as it rises above the earthy, well-traveled instrumentation and have repeated the track several times to properly take in the atmosphere and lyric content. "How It Went Down" appears on Who Needs Who, the new album by Dark Dark Dark set for release in the US in October via Supply & Demand Music. Fans can catch the group in San Francisco this November at the Bottom of the Hill.
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