What's so good?
By David Peter Simon | Jun 25, 2013

The Guardian calls his work a "strange and beautiful affair." Pitchfork raves that there's "nothing mawkish or condescending" about his sound. To me, Daughn Gibson may just be the best thing since sliced bread. Seriously.

Daughn's a troubadour from Pennsylvania who belts out cocaine country created with circular audio samples and crafted from Christian gospel. He's got this baritone that'll tug your heart strings and, to be honest, some weird sex appeal that can make even straight men swoon (yours truly included). Like some mystifying character out of a Lynch film, he weaves Cimmerian stories about small town America that will make you feel both bitter and blessed. I think there's no better way to describe him than as a hidden treasure: he's totally nailed that hometown country sound in spite of today's soul-obsessed electronic beat field. That's a feat in itself.

So. Do yourself a favor. Get depressingly drunk with Daughn Gibson. Let his despondent voice wash over you like you just broke up with the love of your life and you're now sitting on the side of the highway, crying but with the weird feeling that everything's okay because there's probably apple pie down the street at the diner.

This song, "In The Beginning," is off his old album All Hell. His new album will be released by Sub Pop on July 9. You can listen to the whole thing on SoundCloud. Also highly recommend you check out his 7" on Bandcamp.