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Deafkid - Vigilante

Jun 13, 2013

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Why do we like this?
I'm here to introduce UK experimental pop duo Deafkid. Their sound presents a challenge for the listener as we try to decipher what exactly we are hearing, and to me, that's pretty damn exciting. "Vigilante" in particular does just that. Blending their appreciation for organic feedback, harmonic vocals and drumming as an essential asset, both Lockington and Sauvaire (who collectively named themselves Deafkid) compliment and contrast each other musically. It is beautiful.

As we heard in singles such as "Talk" and "Pig," Deafkid has no problem tackling both the challenges of pop electronica and folk acoustic. Their sound summarizes as vibrant, experimental, glorious and impulsive. Lockington and Sauvaire capture distortion in a way I never thought possible, with their hat tipped off to industry darlings such as Alt-J, Grizzly Bear, and Breton.

We look forward to the July 15th release (via Tape Club Records) of a double A-side single (which "Vigilante" is affiliated with). In the mean time though, I implore you to check out this track, and more.
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