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Sounds like: Joneses, Cry Wolf

What's so good?
By Jason Grishkoff | Dec 05, 2012 | Total plays: 6,355

There are very few people in the game right now who can give Seven Lions a run for his money. At least, that's my opinion (and as a music blogger, that opinion is golden).

Seriously though, this guy is taking electronic music to a new level. His craft is so honed and well executed that you just have to wonder how he humanly does it.

Given that was my mindset when I got the notification about this song, I expected there'd be no way it could go wrong. That said, I was a little skeptical upon first hitting play -- there's a lot of heavy womp womp.

Thankfully, give way to Delerium's beautiful, pitch-perfect vocals around the 2 minute mark, and you'll find yourself -- just like me -- falling head over heals for this one. 3:40 is a bit harder to listen to, but overall, this is good EDM in my book.
Jason Grishkoff
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