What's so good?
By Justin Lam | Dec 05, 2012

So opinions are quite divided on this new Delphic track. On one hand, people love the new poppy vibe that "Baiya" is heading towards, and on the other, those people that loved Delphic for the electronic, atmospheric and rock vibe may feel a little hard done by. In my opinion? Well, I'm just happy that they're back with a new track and with promise of a new album next January titled Collections.

In all honesty, change isn't always a bad thing, and with Manchester's Delphic being so typically hybrid, it was bound to happen. I actually wasn't the biggest fan of Delphic's previous work, but somehow "Baiya" has clicked with me instantly. It's a much cheerier track than usual, fully loaded with slick hooks, swooning vocal harmonies and a breakbeat vibe. This is probably why I enjoyed it so much.

It's a progression from the first album, and whets your appetite nicely for the new album next year.
Justin Lam
Author: Justin Lam
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