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Dems - Down On You (Hannes Fischer Remix)

Nov 30, 2012

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Why do we like this?
Well isn't this a lovely downtempo track? With all this rainy weather we've been experiencing over in the Bay, I have found myself listening to copious amounts of deep house style mixes in hopes to get myself out of the melancholia that comes with the wet climate.

This remixed beauty comes to us via Hannes Fischer, an artist us Indie Shufflers have come to know and love through countless musical encounters. Originally produced by London-based Dems, this remix of "Down On You" supplies us with some pretty thorough chilled-out soundscapes and cheerful grooves to zone out to. Of all the mixes I've heard from Fischer, this is one is fully worth your attention.

Grab this track for free here, and get high off these tasty beats.
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