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Deptford Goth - UNION

Dec 17, 2012

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Deptford Goth is Daniel Woolhouse's take on a soloist electronic project. Having released his first EP titled Youth II, comprised of four subdued synth-pop tracks, Woolhouse takes an acoustic approach to his "use of crooked drum programming, buttery synths, and soulful background crooning" (Pitchfork).

After his more recent single releases, including "Life After Defo" and "UNION," Deptford Goth is gearing up for the release of his LP, set to be available in early 2013.

"Like electronic soul stylists to whom he is compared (writing for the TheGuardian, for example, Paul Lester invokes the "spectral R&B" of How to Dress Well and Holy Other and "the dubstep pop" of Messrs. Blake and Woon"), Deptford Goth's music is partly about making music-- and self-expression in general-- in the digital age, yet another soundtrack for lonely BitTorrent downloading and emoticon-flecked sentimentality." - Pitchfork
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