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DEVolution - My Friends

Feb 10, 2013

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Why do we like this?
I've been jamming this track every since its release early this month. With such a familiar R&B melody, soul-dropping bass, and (my favorite) ever pleasant sound of a fervent woodblock, "My Friends" will get your heart racing -- in a "must-find-ample-area-to-drop-thy-booty-like-it's-hot" sort of way.

The elements behind DEVolution are a winning combination: Pete Devereux, who helped define the UK garage scene as one-half mastermind behind Artful Dodger, has since since moved on, joining fellow Southampton-based producer Tom Devos in this bumping R&B influenced endeavor.

DEVolution's Arrival EP is a classic three-track affair aimed squarely at the dance floor. Available on Black Butter Records, "My Friends" may be the infectious standout track, but "Listen To the Badman" is a maddeningly delicious deep house tune and "If You Believe" rounds out the package with an insane amount of style and classic house grace, adding just the right amount of bass to make it that much more sexy.

I can't say enough about this release, so do yourself a favor and check it out. You can thank me later for the DEVolution introduction, and I'll be thanking them for providing a restless winter elixir.

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