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Disclosure - Control (Ft. Ria Ritchie)

Jun 15, 2012

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London's brotherly duo Disclosure is back with a new EP, released last week on Greco-Roman. Coming off some seriously positive press for their debut releases "Tenderly" and "Flow" from a few months ago, these two genetically entangled humans don't seem to have any plans to slow down any time soon.

Their EP, The Face, features three stellar tracks, ending balls out with "Control" featuring Ria Ritchie. Popping melodies dance playfully in the background while the chopped, glitchy vocals are intelligently designed in the foreground for a clean yet mysterious overtone.

Maybe it's something in their blood, but Disclosure is showing a sophistication usually not exhibited this early in the game. They just get production, which is really an indisputable fact. Control? Load this on the dancefloor and I guarantee there won't be any left.

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