What's so good?
By Devin Duckworth | Jan 14, 2014

Formerly recognized for his work in Gang Starr as well as producing Biggie's "Kick In The Door" and Nas' "NY State of Mind," DJ Premier has remixed "Latch" from Disclosure's Settle album, putting down a smooth sounding R&B ballad that will make your heart skip a beat.

Subtracting the upbeat electronics from the original and substituting it with more laid-back, downtempo productions, Sam Smith's voice is now front and center, allowing you to vibe out while fogging up the room with pure sexiness. There's no denying that Smith has the capabilities to carry the song without any help from background electronics, but it is nice to hear a version that captures the sultry mood of the song while still managing to deliver a sound that is completely unique and hot as hell.

To hear Settle: The Remixes click here.
Devin Duckworth
Devin is the Editor-in-Chief and Creative Director for TEETH Mag. @devinduck