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Disclosure - Latch (Jamie Jones 'Marzy's House' Remix)

Nov 17, 2012

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Why do we like this?
Disclosure's latest single "Latch," featuring the sensual vocal stylings of Sam Smith, hit the UK Singles Chart earlier this week, slotting in at #11. While it's tough to say whether or not this one will receive as much fanfare has their top-notch remix of Jessie Ware's "Running," my guess is that this might come in as a close second.

With this rework, Jamie Jones gives us a funky R&B cut with stretched-out vocal sexiness, steady beats and a deep house emphasis. Peppering in the necessary elements needed to hold onto the Disclosure backbone, Jones manages to deepen the sound with new beats and deep bass productions while still holding true to the refinement and infectious treatment of the original.

If you ask me, Sam Smith's textured vocals layered on top of a luxurious, slowed-down backbeat is the ideal musical equation if you're yearning to bump, grind and make sweet, sweet late-night lovin'.
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