What's so good?
By Jason Grishkoff | Aug 14, 2010

Featuring wonderfully musical and varying production, female and male vocals, and attention to song structure rarely found in hip-hop these days (as previously ranted about), this was the most pleasant of surprises. This song's also got another of those producer moments: in the last verse, where the guy takes over lead vocals and the loop drops out but the organ chords keep chugging, I was listening and suddenly realized that the high guitar stab that had so wonderfully punctuated the loop earlier in the song should make a re-appearance on its own.

And so, I pointed to the speaker right at the moment when it was "supposed" to pop up again, and hey presto! Hands raised in triumph, I knew I'd finally found the kind of hip-hop song I'd proudly include on this list. I only hope there's more of this in the future, and less of"¦ well, turn on MTV. No wait. Don't. Just don't.- Selective Service

Jason Grishkoff
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