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Dracula Palms - Clockwork Horrors

Jul 03, 2012

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Remember when MGMT weren't making ridiculously egoistical, confusing music? Well, for those of you who remember how good their first album was, I'd give Brisbane duo Dracula Palms a try. We brought you their incredibly catchy single "Pretty Lady" back in April, and they boys (Jake Schwenke and Jack Woods) have returned with a new track.

"Clockwork Horrors" is an interesting mix of electro, funk and pop. The guys have put a fun horror-pop slant on it, with vocalist Jake stating, "We were aiming for a Monster Mash/Rocky Horror Picture show vibe, sort of spooky horror film type of jig." Whatever it is, it's a whole lotta carefree fun.

Dracula Palms are still developing their sound, but with each track they're getting closer to where they see themselves. Currently writing and putting together a band, they'll be playing their first shows in the back end of 2012.
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