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Sounds like: Tame Impala, Real Estate

What's so good?
By Jason Grishkoff | Oct 10, 2012 | Total plays: 14,523

You may know Matt Mondanile as the guitarist for Real Estate (though chances are you don't). Which leads me to believe that he's actually garnering more attention as the front-man for what was once a solo project named Ducktails.

Things are a little different for this album, his fourth release. Rather than tackle it solo, he invited outsiders to help him do the recording (such as the band Big Troubles), and even roped in Al Carlson to help with production (Peaking Lights, Oneohtrix Point Never).

The end result is almost as dreamy as a Real Estate, and only once borders on questionable (the employment of the "stuck record" technique is generally never a good idea).

The Flower Lane is slated to be available January 29th via his new record label Domino Records (the same label that signed Real Estate).
Jason Grishkoff
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