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Elephant Eyes - Mother Said

May 31, 2012

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Delicate and understated, Melbourne's Elephant Eyes have merged a number of diverse musical backgrounds. Having met while studying together at NMIT, they've combined elements of pop, soul and jazz music to good effect. Still in their infancy, they've recently released their second single "Mother Said" which will appear on their debut EP.

It's a sophisticated sound. The track seems to ebb and flow from brooding to uplifting with the assistance of interesting time signatures. Kate McMahon's sultry, soul-infused vocals appear innocent, but the underlying tones seem to differ as the track persists. A lot of music seems confused, but Elephant Eyes let their talent do the talking, highlighting the vocals with delicate piano lines and loose percussion.

I'm eager to hear more from them. Refreshing and easy to listen to, it'd be nice if there were more bands like Elephant Eyes.
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