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Emancipator - When I Go (Ft. Thao Nguyen)

Nov 03, 2010

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Sounds like: Bonobo, Zero 7
Why do we like this?

I haven't been able to stop listening to this song. It's an early morning song. Or, if you want, a late-night song. Heck, it could happen any time of the day. It's trip-hop, it's ambient, it's beautiful.

Emancipator has fully replaced Bonobo for me, whom I used to listen to whenever struck by the mood. But when a song like this comes along, it's virtually impossible to beat in its category. Off the album Soon It Will Be Cold Enough, "When I Go" features Thao Nguyen of Thao + The Get Down Stay Down. She helps make the track, but doesn't seal the deal. In the end, it's Doug Appling a.k.a. Emancipator who steals the show, weaving the perfect landscape of music with which to compliment Thao.

Hands down, this is my favorite track of the month.

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