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Eric Lau - The Mission

Nov 17, 2011

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Why do we like this?
Eric Lau is a young, gifted producer and DJ from the UK. Introduced to many by Gilles Peterson in 2006, his first LP New Territories proved him to be beyond his years in musical sensibilities. The debut album combined a soul aesthetic with Detroit-inspired drums and subdued samples.

The track that first put young Lau on my radar was his first collaboration with Motown's Guilty Simpson, "For The D." That first track was monstrous, so I was eager to see what a second go round with these two would breed. Thankfully, "The Mission" doesn't try to be the event song that "For The D" was.

Lau gets laid back, pairing stuttering drum patterns with a sweltering bass-line and a spacey sample. Guilty lets the hood talk take a backseat on this one and instead flexes his lyricism with two verses that, while lacking any immediate "oh shit!" moments, upon repeated listens grows into a mature, substantive performance not many could pull off half as well.

There's no flash or pizzazz here, just great music and great bars, hip-hop music for adults.
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