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What's so good?
By Louisa Ferguson | May 18, 2013 | Total plays: 5,763

The original Estate song "Slipstream" is great, but TEEEL's rework just takes it to a new level.

The song half loses itself in its more ethereal moments, but the relentless pace keeps it barreling forward, and the intersection of the two is quite successful. The beginning made me think I was going to hear something much more electro, but it gives way to something lighter right away. There is promising, immediate tension between the lyrics ("You can't feel it until you feel it so bad"), and the artifice of the song's seeming fluidity (hello, electronic music -- if there's one thing it has mastered, it's artifice). I'm hooked.

This is a quintessential TEEEL sound, but the pairing of the two artists could not be more complementary. (DCUP's also done a version, but it's much slower).

Yummy, synthy goodness.
Louisa Ferguson
Twitter: @LouisaFerguson | Soundcloud: LouisaFerguson | louisa@indieshuffle.com