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Fear Of Men - Seer

Jan 18, 2013

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Why do we like this?
Fear Of Men is Jessica Weiss (vocals/guitar), Daniel Falvey (guitar), Michael Miles (drums) and Robyn Edwards (bass). They are from Brighton, England, and released a few singles on few different labels in the UK over the past year and half or so.

"Seer" is a dream pop song that features undertowed drumming, deliberate guitar work and easy flowing vocals. This track is off their new compilation album, Early Fragments. It also features Fear Of Men's previously released singles, B-sides and a few other new songs. And for those of you who love records, Kanine Records is releasing this album in vinyl format to give them a proper introduction to North America.

If this tune gets you going, grab a pre-order of Early Fragments. Look for an offical debut album from Fear Of Men in the summer.
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