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FKJ - So Much To Me

Feb 20, 2013

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Why do we like this?
FKJ is French Kiwi Juice from Paris, France. With such an original name, I couldn't help but anticipate the genre, and I guessed we'd be hearing some tropical nu-disco house. "So Much To Me" is close enough; it mixes a sensual sophistication with an element of lightheartedness for an overall mimosa-esque drinkability.

The track intros with a deep womanly voice pulling at our soul-strings, like a vocal violin. A funky beat and snap does its thing to set the tone, and you've been pulled onto the dance floor before even having a chance to say no. Why would you want to protest, anyway? This is the kind of song that moves your body for you, the kind of song I should stop talking about and let you enjoy.

To keep the groove goin',  follow FKJ on Facebook and check his other equally satisfying single, "Lying Together." Both the single, and his entire debut EP, The Twins, are available for free download on SoundCloud via Roche Musique.
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