What's so good?
By Devin Duckworth | Mar 24, 2013

When I first heard Float Fall's "Someday," I was a bit confused as to why they sounded so familiar... then I realized that they sounded strikingly similar to The xx! It's almost absurd in a way, but clearly I'm into it.

This Belgium duo combines some subtle electronics in with heavy guitar riffs and indie pop harmonics. As soon as you get about one minute into the song, the two vocalists key in layers of beats that play off of their whimsy, creating this outer layer of atmospherics that intertwine quite gorgeously into one another. It's clear that Float Fall has a bright future ahead and I for one am excited to see what's next from these two.

"Someday" is set to be released on a limited 7" on Record Store Day, so get it while it's hot!
Devin Duckworth
Devin is the Editor-in-Chief and Creative Director for TEETH Mag. @devinduck