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Flume - Bring You Down (Ft. George Maple)

Dec 29, 2012

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Why do we like this?

I'd originally wanted to share "Insane," but this worked out better anyway. Man, Flume is something else. The young Australian producer released his self-titled debut LP in November on Future Classic, and all I can say is if the record label name fits...

"Bring You Down" is a great showcase of Flume's soulful approach to electronica. His beats knock, but there's a lot of heart that goes into his records. It may help explain how dude's picked up so many fans over the last year. Flume officially arrived in 2012, and I am one of many fans excited to hear what he brings to 2013.

Flume makes me want to dance, cruise down the highway, and chill on my couch at the time. How is that possible?

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