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Flume - Left Alone Ft. Chet Faker (Chrome Sparks Remix)

Feb 21, 2013

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Why do we like this?
Chrome Sparks is now an Indie Shuffle regular, so while there's not much more to say about his history, there's a lot more to say about his music.

His most recent remix takes the already slow as molasses "Left Alone" by Flume and places it in a tin can, set adrift in a rolling river. Near the three minute mark we're pulled under, totally submerged in the warm quiet of seclusion until we pop right up again and continue the journey.

I suppose it's not necessary to place a "moral of the review" here, but heck, moral of the review is that we ARE the tin can, and life is like a rolling river. Whoa, so deep, I know.
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