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Foxes - Echo (Paper Crows Remix)

Nov 13, 2012

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Why do we like this?

Foxes, London-based Louisa Rose Allen, haunted the scene at the end of 2011 with her raw, piercing vocal debut on "Youth." Her efforts were the result of skipping school and exchanging music theory for music making. I'm pretty sure she made the right decision.

This week, she released her power pop single, "Echo," off her forthcoming debut LP. I can't stop listening to this sultry makeover via fellow natives, Paper Crows. The duo elevates the drama with their dark, emotive brand of electro pop. A smokey atmosphere surrounds the rich, resounding voice of Allen, resulting in some welcome chills.

The Warrior EP is available now and you can download Paper Crow's Grey Skies EP (for free!) here.

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