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Framework - It's Killing Me

Jun 20, 2011

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Why do we like this?
The name's not familiar, but the sound is. Time to get to know Framework.

Hailing from Montreal, his sound is a perfect fusion of the best in the "130bpm" scene -- when I heard it, it immediately brought Jamie xx's work with Gil Scott-Heron to mind, and not just because of the title.

Remember those killer synths on the song "Running"? Well, Framework's "It's Killing Me" starts out with something sounding rather similar. Adding in a scattered beat and the inevitable slightly broken vocals and there you have it: another post-dubstep anthem.

God, I hate that term. If anyone knows of any better phrase than "bass" "130bpm" or "post-dubstep," please comment below, because that's the only thing letting down this awesome genre.
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