What's so good?
By Rachel Skotarczyk | Jul 11, 2012

Last time I posted about Ryan Hemsworth, I mentioned that he must be an expert in hip-hop remixes. So he hit me up again to prove me right -- what a guy, huh? This time around, he's flipped the stupid fruity fresh rhymes of ATL via Pluto rapper, Future. You'll want to "Turn On The Lights" for this one, or at least turn on some mood lighting.

Hemsworth's next EP, Last Words, will drop on August 7 via Wedidit Collective (Shlohmo, RL Grime, Jonwayne's crew). That's some A-team. Now, I already know Ryan is a top-notch, mad versatile producer. I'm prepared for whatever he has to throw down, and though some may find him hard to pin down, it's like he says, that's what makes it human.

"This next EP is exactly how I want people to be hearing me right now. It's five tracks; emotional stuff that I've built up over the past six months. People want to book me for dubstep shows and stuff still, hopefully this EP circulates and clears the air that I don't make futuredubwavemoombastep subgenre shit. Just trying to make something human and emotional with my laptop."

I hear you Ryan! Loud and clear.
Rachel Skotarczyk
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