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Japanese Wallpaper - War

Oct 04, 2012

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Why do we like this?

Musicians are getting younger and younger. It was just last month that I was raving about 16-year-old Jesse Davidson, and now I bring you 15-year-old Melbourne musician Gab Strum. The multi-instrumentalist (he can play 9 instruments) posted a collection of "glo-fi" tracks last year, entitled War Peace Rocket Ships. These were recorded under the guise of Japanese Wallpaper in Jerusalem, Hong Kong and "various bedrooms in Melbourne."

The opening track off the release is "War," a terrifically smooth and relaxed piece of loopwork. Each of the collection's tracks have a spacey-feel, and this is no different "“ it would not have been out of place on my latest (Australian only) Sunday Night Chill Post.

Gab has a number of gigs in the pipeline, including a slot at this year's Inca Roads Festival. You can check out the rest of his releases on his Bandcamp/SoundCloud, including a number of excellent remixes of The xx and Bon Iver.

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